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Chapter History


The North Suburban Dallas Chapter had its beginning July 1980. Eighteen mothers met to discuss the potential of establishing a Jack & Jill Chapter in Plano. Following this brainstorming session, each mother left the meeting enthusiastic and eager to contact others whom they thought would be interested in joining an organization which sponsored meaningful activities for their children. This recruitment effort led to a total of 30 mothers who informally expressed their interest to unite efforts to sponsor more culturally rewarding and stimulating activities for their families - the Mother’s Club was formed.


On April 18, 1981, the Mother’s Club was officially accepted as a provisional chapter of Jack & Jill of America, Incorporated; under the sponsorship of the Dallas Chapter.

At the 1982 National Convention held in Chicago, the provisional chapter was accepted as an official Chapter and the North Suburban Dallas Chapter of Jack & Jill of America, Incorporated was established.


During our Chapter's proud and rich 35-year history, we have had many memorable achievements. In recent years, the North Suburban Dallas Chapter has hosted the three major events: 2008 Area Work Day, the 2012 Regional Teen Conference for the South Central Region and the 2016 Children’s Cluster for the Dallas Centers of Excellence held at Texas Motor Speedway.

Both Mothers and Teens of the chapter have achieved notable success and have represented the chapter at both the Regional and National levels. 2012 was a noteworthy program year, as Delores Stephens and Seleste Sully served as Regional Parliamentarian and Regional Nominating Chair, respectively. Marchantia Smith served as Regional Protocol chair and then accepted the appointment to National Protocol Chair. Our Teen Group President, Nelson Winrow, was elected to Regional Teen President for the South Central Region. For the 2015-2016 Program year, Madison Goodrich was elected Regional Teen Vice-President and Monica Hawkins was appointed to the Alumni Connections Committee for the South Central Region. Now for the 2016-2017 Program Year, Lesley Roane has been appointed to the National Historic Task Force.


Each year brings with it more memories, enhanced relationships and accomplishments on the National and Regional levels. In Fall 2015, the theme “Start Your Engines...Racing Towards the Future!” -  submitted for our Children’s Clusters, was chosen as the 2016 theme for the South Central Region.


From our inception, all we do is centered around and for our children! Our chapter’s programs are created to stimulate the growth and development of our children through educational, cultural, civic, recreational, health and social and service programs with respect to the varies grade groups.  Grade groups include: Big Bird Buddies (2yrs – PreK), Super Friends (Kinder - 1st grade),Super J's (2nd- 3rd grade), Jammin J’s (4th and 5th), Junior J’s (6th – 8th) and Guys and Dolls (9th – 12th).


To this end, we strive to ensure multifaceted activities and initiatives embrace the holistic enrichment of our youth and our communities and resonate with our national theme“The Power to Make a Difference”.